The Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild holds the safety or our patrons first and foremost in our minds.

As such, we provide several free or inexpensive ways to get home safely and we also encourage our patrons to make use of Madison Metro Transit buses. We ask for your cooperation in making the Great Taste a non-driving event. Take a Metro bus, a $1 taxi, or a free shuttle home.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up Area

In order to ensure more orderly and safe arrivals and departures, we have made some significant improvements to our traffic management procedures.

Olin Park will be off limits to all non-event vehicles this year, which includes drop offs before and pick-ups after the event. If you have a designated driver who will be transporting you in either direction, you will need to take notice of this. We’re asking everyone to respect this as it will be enforced by the Madison Police Department.

We want to make MPD’s day go just as well as ours so we’ve arranged for a designated Pick-up and Drop-off Area that is outside of the park but convenient for walking to the park safely.

We have a very handy map that shows you where this is and how to walk to the park via the bike path that goes underneath John Nolen Drive. (no busy streets to cross!)

  • Print out that handy map, just in case you know someone who might need one
  • Check out this convenient Google map if you need more detail

Refer to this map if you are getting a ride to or from the Great Taste.

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Madison Metro Buses

  • One-way fare: $2.00 each way
  • One-Day Pass: $4.50 (good for an unlimited number of rides per day)
  • Weekend “2-4-6” pass: $6.00 -pass allows two adults to ride all day long. Just tell the driver you’d like a 2-4-6 pass, deposit $6, and receive your pass.


  • On the weekends, Olin Park is served by an 11-minute Madison Metro bus ride on Route 13 toward South Transfer Point.
  • Starting from downtown Madison, make your way toward University Avenue @ Park Street to board Route 13.
  • Departures are at the top of the hour with respect to arriving at Olin Park before the gates open. Get off the bus when you arrive at John Nolen Drive @ East Olin Avenue across the road from the park entrance.


  • The safest option is to walk from Olin Park toward East Olin Avenue @ Colby Street via the Wingra Bike Path, which takes you underneath John Nolen Drive.
  • A five-minute walk, you’ll walk to the right just as the bike path forks underneath Olin Ave.
  • The bus stop you’ll need is for Route 13 toward UW Campus.
  • Departures from here begin at 6:41 p.m., which is perfectly timed for your ride toward downtown Madison.

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Coming to the festival with a full belly of food from one of our shuttle stops is an excellent way to prepare for a day of beer sampling.

  • Shuttle buses begin operating from each site to Olin Park at noon. The festival grounds open at 1 p.m.
  • Shuttles run continuously to and from each site until 7 p.m.

The following locations will have FREE shuttles to the festival:

Capital Brewery
7734 Terrace Ave
Vintage Brewing Company
674 South Whitney Way
The Great Dane – Downtown
123 E Doty Street
The Great Dane – Eastside
876 Jupiter Drive
The Great Dane – Fitchburg
2980 Cahill Main
The Great Dane – Hilldale
357 Price Place
The Alchemy Café
1980 Atwood Ave
Dexter’s Pub
301 North Street
The Weary Traveler
1201 Williamson Street
 The Ale Asylum
2002 Pankratz St
Gray’s Tied House
950 Kimball Lane
>>>View Shuttle Locations Map

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  • Union Cab is the official cab company of the Great Taste of the Midwest.
  • MHTG subsidizes fares home from the festival to any residence or hotel in Dane County.
  • It only costs you $1 to get home safely in a cab. Please be sure to tip drivers too!

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There is absolutely no patron parking at the festival as this is a non-driving event.

  • Parking is available at the many downtown area parking ramps.
  • The maximum charge for parking in one of the ramps is $5 per day on weekends, which makes this a great option for leaving your car until Sunday morning.
  • See the city parking website for more information and applicable hours.


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You are strongly discouraged from riding your bicycle to and from a beer festival. We ask all patrons to avoid bringing wheels of any kind in order to ensure the safety of everyone.

  • While they also discourage you from riding your bicycle after attending the Great Taste, the Madison Police Department, City of Madison, and the Madison Parks Department have requested that we provide bicycle racks near Olin Park. They are there to protect the sensitive trees and structures in and near the park. Any bikes locked to trees or public property will be removed.
  • For the safety of your bicycle, this beautiful park, and most importantly yourself, please use one of the other transportation options available.
  • If you must use a bicycle, please consider biking to one of the FREE shuttle sites closest to your home, locking your bike there, and taking the FREE shuttle to the park.

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Wisconsin Tavern League Saferide Program

The Tavern League of Wisconsin operates a Saferide program which can be used to get home from area bars and restaurants. You may request a Saferide voucher from any Wisconsin Tavern League member establishment for a free ride home – no questions asked.

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