Ticket sales at Vintage Brewing Company

Vintage Brewing Company is located at 674 S Whitney Way.

  • The line forms after Noon on Saturday to the right of the main entry.
  • There will be no on-site parking as the shared lot is fully occupied. Drop-offs & unloading are allowed.
  • Parking is available at the former Pick n’ Save lot (300 feet to the North).
  • Vintage will be open from 11:00AM on Saturday until bar time.
  • There will be a water station out front after wristbanding on Sunday (approximately 8:00AM). “To-go” breakfast foods, Bloody Marys, Irish Coffee, etc. will be available.
  • Porta potties will be near the dumpster area.
  • The asphalt has been repaired so no more potholes!
  • 500 tickets will be available for sale at this location.